Apollo Pharmacy Compressor Nebulizer for Kids



Apollo Pharmacy Compressor Nebulizer for Kids Combining power and reliability with a child-friendly appearance. Sami the Seal is a great nebulizer compressor for children who are reluctant to take a nebulizer treatment. This nebulizer compressor incorporates a bottom-heavy design that keeps it stable on the table when in use, so you don’t have to worry about your child accidentally knocking the compressor over.Also, this compressor has been specifically designed to work with the Apollo Pharmacy Respironics side stream reusable nebulizer to give you very fast treatment times – which is especially great for children who would rather play than take a treatment.Built into this compressor is a nebulizer dock that holds the nebulizer set in place between treatments. Included with this compressor is the Tucker the Turtle pediatric nebulizer mask. With its turtle design, this mask is sure to appeal to your child as well and make treatments easier for all.”


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